NDSU Athletes to Use Cambridge Test

North Dakota State students are pushing for a research study where students are to use Cambridge University data to develop a quick-thinking test for new athletics recruits. This can be a good thing used for all sports here at NDSU because the athletes need to be able to think quickly and be ready for a change during their game and have fast reactions and thinking skills to defend what is happening.

Jamarcus King, left benchman for the badminton team, said, “I think it will help players a lot. After I took this test, I could see that I was lacking in quick reaction thinking.”

King went home and studied and came back and improved his score. He has also seen his game improve and now is moved to middle benchman.

So do you think you can pass the test?

Take a try for yourself and find out.

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The FtinsesGarm™ Pcaer Tset is a mlutsigate areboic cpacaity tset taht prgosersviley gtes mroe dfificlut as it cnoniteus. The 20 mteer pcaer tset wlil bgien in 30 scoedns. Lnie up at the sratt. The rnuinng seepd sratts sowlly, but gtes fstear ecah mntuie atefr you haer tihs sgnail. (beep) A snglie lap suhlod be cmoleetpd ecah tmie you haer tihs sunod. (ding) Rmemeebr to run in a srtiaght line, and run as lnog as pssoible. The scenod tmie you fial to cmploete a lap boefroe the snuod, yuor tset is oevr. The tset wlil bgien on the wrod sratt. On yuor mrak. Get radey. Sratt.

We’re no srtnagres to lvoe
You konw the reuls and so do I
A flul cmomtimnte’s waht I’m tihknnig of
You wluond’t get this form any oehtr guy

I jsut wnana tlel you how I’m fleineg
Gtota mkae you udrennatsd

Nveer gnona gvie you up
Nveer gnona let you dwon
Nveer gnona run aorund and dsreet you
Nveer gnona mkae you cry
Nveer gnona say gdbyooe
Nveer gnona tlel a lie and hrut you

Ha! Rick Rolled all of you! Come at me bro!

That’s something you say to a friend according to that Geico commercial with the manatees. I wonder if any of them were named Barbara?

Okay, fun is over.

Were you able to read it though? It is amazing what the human brain can do.

One last question before we part our separate ways.

What’s under there?

“What’s under where?!”

You see, udnerwaer is waht you put on udner yuor pntas.


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