Everyone Deserves Equal Rights


North Dakota’s legislature voted last week to kill the bill moving to ban discrimination based solely on sexual orientation.

With friends struggling to be accepted about their sexual orientation, it is hard for me to comprehend why anyone would deny people the right to be and feel accepted. When the bill was voted down 2-1 on April 2, there were many negative tweets expressing many disapproving thoughts and feelings about it that were on my newsfeed.

One in particular was, ‘Today North Dakota legislature decided that discrimination is okay. What a tragedy. #EqualityForAll”.

It really is a tragedy. Equality is something that everyone should have. One heart-breaking tweet by James Cavo was, “I am not a second-class citizen. #LoveIsLove #HumanRightsAreEqualRights #WeBleedTheSame.”

It is really hard to see people go through that, not being accepted, not getting the equal rights that they deserve. Why do they not get the same equal rights as everyone else?

Just because someone else has a different sexual orientation than another does not make them a second-class citizen. They are humans, too. They are people.

Discrimination is a concept that has been going on for far too long and needs to come to an abrupt stop now. Whether people own up to it or not, not everyone has equal rights. Some will claim that everyone does, but in reality not everyone does.

It is 2015; everyone should be able to be accepted for who they are. They should not be discriminated just because their sexual orientation is not considered the norm.

Just because some people are not straight does not make them any less of a person. They still bleed red. They look exactly the same as you and I do.

Yes, the North Dakota legislature voted down the bill that was hoping to stop discrimination, but it will be back in 2017. There is also a way to fight this, reported by the Bismarck Tribune, “the LGBT community should have a way to file complaints with the state when discrimination occurs.”

While it does not seem like it much, it is all that can be done for now. When 2017 comes around, hopefully the anti-discrimination bill will be passed and equality will not be based solely on sexual orientation. Equality should be for all.

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