ND 4-H among others to participate in Giving Hearts Day

Giving Hearts Day Facebook | Photo Courtesy
The 4-H Foundation participated in Giving Hearts Day 2020

Giving Hearts Day helps local non-profit charity organizations

North Dakota’s 4-H Foundation is participating in the Giving Hearts Day 2020 fundraising event on Feb. 13.

The Foundation secures funds for various local 4-H programs across the state. This non-profit organization helps to provide better educational opportunities in areas such as engineering and technology, and animal and plant sciences.

This day is one of the few days to support the 4-H program. Giving Hearts Day (GHD) is one of the only major fundraising days that helps the program. Funds from these organizations help to provide experiences at the state and national levels.

“Being involved in 4-H helps them to become better leaders and learners, and develop the resiliency to thrive today and tomorrow.”

Penny Dale, North Dakota 4-H Foundation Manager

Thanks to seven donors, initial donations will be matched. The first $8,250 will be matched by the following donors: Great River Energy, Jim Kerkeide Memorial, Peterson Farms Seed, David and Julie Hassebroek, Proseed, Eric and Suzanne Lahlume and Greg and Lynae Lardy.

To donate, simply go to the 4-H Foundations page on the GHD website. A donation of only $25 is enough to supply a 4-H student with supplies for a whole year.

The 4-H program was created to provide youth with hands-on, real-life learning experiences. The program has supported youth and adults interacting to become better leaders and contributing members of society. Research has shown the 4-H participants are four times more likely to contribute to their communities.

“Being involved in 4-H helps them to become better leaders and learners, and develop the resiliency to thrive today and tomorrow,” Penny Dale, North Dakota 4-H Foundation Manager, said.

Giving Hearts Day is a fundraising group that secures donations for various non-profit charity organizations. The program started back in 2008 by the Dakota Medical Foundation and has raised over 71 million dollars since then. GHD helps to provide funds all across North Dakota and parts of Minnesota.

2019 was Giving Hearts Day’s best year yet. Over 16 million dollars were raised and the New Life Center was able to raise 1 million dollars in one day. Along with over 100 businesses participating in the GHD business program, over 1,300 students participated last year.

Support for GHD has been steadily increasing. In 2012, there was two million dollars raised and over six thousand donors. Fast forward seven years to 2019 and over 16 million dollars raised with over 30 thousand donors. Dollars raised increased eight times and donors increased five times in less than a decade.

Giving Hearts Day provides funding to some of the biggest charity organizations. Churches United, New Life Center, Great Plains Food Bank and the YWCA are some of the organizations that receive funding.

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