My, Oh My Colin

PHOTO COURTESY FLICKR.COM Paladin Justice | Colin Kaepernick told the media that he didn't vote in the election.
Colin Kaepernick told the media that he didn’t vote in the election.

OK, so we, as a nation, ignored so much to stop and watch you. We praised Colin Kaepernick for his work in social awareness by abstaining from the national anthem.

We looked as an NFL quarterback took a political stance.

Seriously though Kaepernick, you are awful.

While we sat and worried about you we ignored other important stories. Standing Rock, a national issue unfolding in our very state. The presidential election was put on the back burner for you Kaepernick

This section gave up three spots to your crusade.

We ignored these issues for nothing. All because Kaepernick didn’t vote.

“I didn’t pay attention to the election,” Kaepernick said as his reason for not voting. “To me, it didn’t really matter who went in there, the system still remains intact that oppresses people of color.”

This is an awful opinion. This is a stagnating opinion. This is a very dangerous opinion.

This year we experienced 55.6 percent voter turnout according to Statistic Brain. That is roughly 44 percent of people who didn’t vote, including our guy Kaepernick.

This 44 percent could cause a difference. To garner as much attention as you did, to sit and have the spotlight aimed at you and then to do what you did. Kaepernick this sickens me.

It is easy to spew words, but words do little when compared to the power of your vote.

The next time you are sitting back and posting about how much you hate how this election turned out, think about your friend Kaepernick. Think about whether you praised him. Think about how you supported him when others denounced his acts as stupid. Now look at what he has done.

Kaepernick you have a very uneducated opinion. Your opinion is dangerous and it sickens me we ignored actual important things for you. Black Lives Matters will not become anything more than a trendy hashtag without everyone taking part. Be educated, talk to your family members and vote.

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