MVP status report: Week 6

Do not mess with Russell Wilson

It’s anyone’s game for the MVP through six weeks

The NFL is nearing the middle part of its season, and the MVP talks are starting to heat up. This award tends to go to the quarterback on the team with the best regular season record, but right now that does not seem to be the case. A lot can happen in the next nine weeks, but for now there a few front runners.

Christian McCaffery

Christian McCaffery has been blessing fantasy football teams as well as the eyes of viewers all season. Any talks of him not being a workhorse running back are gone. He has been the lifeline of the Panthers. His play has helped guide Carolina to a 4-2 record on the year. McCaffery currently leads the league in rushing. He also is 13th in the NFL in receptions, and has nine total touchdowns. When Cam Newton went down, many considered the Panthers dead and buried. Kyle Allen has played extremely well in relief, but teams know the Panthers are going to feed McCaffery, and they still have not found a way to slow him down.

Deshaun Watson

When talking about young NFL quarterbacks it is always Patrick Mahomes this Carson Wentz that, Baker Mayfield there Lamar Jackson here. Where is the love for Deshaun Watson. He is a special talent and finally has a serviceable offensive line to operate behind. His ability to find big chunk plays down the field as well as making players with his legs to keep the defense honest is something very few in the league can do. He is the perfect version of Lamar Jackson. After walking into Kansas City and taking down the Chiefs on the road, Watson cemented himself in the MVP race.

Russell Wilson

And here we have the odds on favorite to win the MVP through the next few weeks. Russell Wilson is playing out of his mind. He has led the the Seahawks to a 5-1 record in the best way he knows how. Using his flare for the dramatic and abilities to make plays on the run and outside the pocket that leaves viewers speechless each week. The Seahawks are never out of a game with Wilson. His clam demeanor and quiet confidence regardless of the score is what makes him one of the best leaders in the league. The Seahawks have had five games decided by four points or less this season. All have been wins, thanks in large part to the ice in Russell Wilson’s veins.

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