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Musicians and Artists Above Promotion

It was just over a year ago when Beyoncé surprised both the industry and her fans by dropping a 14-track, self-titled album complete with 17 short videos. It was neither the length nor the extent that Beyoncé went with her production but the simple fact that no singles were released nor were any marketing tactics used to promote the unanticipated album.

Drake, the Degrassi character-turned rapper, just pulled a “Beyoncé” a week ago with his release of “If You’re Reading This, You’re Too Late” last Thursday. The 17-track album dropped unannounced with tracks titled “Legend,” “Preach” and songs heavily influenced by the number 6.

It seems as though the new marketing technique taking the industry by storm is simply having no marketing. Their stardom and reputation is enough to sell albums and singles. While that’s fine and dandy, could it be a message to consumers that they are predictable and far too loyal to their idols?

Titles alone like “If You’re Reading This, You’re Too Late” and “Beyoncé” alone hint to the known power these artists have and use it to their advantage. While Yoncé’s unexpected audibly and visually stunning album proved to be successful — selling over 800,000 copies in the first three days of its release — Drake will have a few days to see the reviews of critics, bloggers and other listeners.

Perhaps, though, it is a way for musicians to get away from the PR and marketing tactics that tend to bunk up the industry’s creative process and slow down their production rate. If their number one passion is music itself, promotion can bog down their time to devote to fans or channeling their artistic drive into art.

Either way, it is a fun method to introduce new and upcoming projects whether it be music, art or film. This may become a trending method to sweep the nation by storm and keep audiences on their toes and able to decipher talent from trash.

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