Mister Rogers Accused of Loving Everyone

Between Louis C. K., Kevin Spacey and now Al Franken, it is safe to say sexual misconduct is in this season. In a simpler time, it was a hot-button issue every few months. The original was Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in the O-val office.

I thought it would never get crazier than Carlos Danger, who I can only imagine in a luchador mask and cape trolling the street for action. As it turns out, 2017  has gone for quantity over quality. One after the other, people I respected are now crumbling under their own libidos.  Honestly though, why would you harass Terry Crews? He seems like such a sweetheart and could accidentally crush your head in his bicep like it was a grape.

Well, I’m here to speak to another man’s actions: During the filming of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” Fred Rogers loved everyone on set. Whether they wanted it or not, Mister Rogers was constantly around the corner waiting. Everyone knew the feeling when he walked in the room. You could sense it on him. He’d just been somewhere loving someone. There was no point in wondering who, everyone would get their turn eventually. Mister Rogers loved indiscriminately. He loved hard. He loved until the day he died. The man could love longer than anyone. And if he so much as knew your name, Mister Rogers loved you too.

Friends, we live in dark times. When Louis C. K. is getting off his fat behind to sexually harass people, nobody is safe. For me personally, this one is extra concerning due to my longtime fear that I will eventually turn into Louis C. K.

We have a similar sense of humor, think deer are assholes and will probably die early from our own bad decisions. If I have to be a fat, ginger pessimist, I’d hope to at least have a clear conscious. Especially considering it sounded super awkward for both parties, as I would expect from Louis C. K. The point is some people are creeps and we should speak out against sexual misconduct, but try to remember the happy times as well. The good people. The man who loved absolutely everyone.

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