Motivational Speaker Visits NDSU

Passion knows no bounds.

That was part of Mark Lindquist’s message in his motivational speech Thursday at North Dakota State’s Career Expo. The keynote speaker presented his topic “Passion! Eight Steps to Find Yours.”

Lindquist, an entertainer in addition to motivational speaker, repeatedly pointed out the importance of exposure. He said he gives much of the credit for his success to his exposure to different people and places, only because he took a chance on following his dreams.

He added he felt like the first time the light of fame shined on him was when he was 30.

“Life takes time,” he said.

Lindquist also spoke about his humble beginnings in an orphanage and growing up in a small Minnesota town.

“I never completed college, although I probably have enough credits that I could get a degree,” he said. “I don’t want people to graduate high school and think immediately college when they haven’t even lived.”

Lindquist also expounded on ideas in the book he co-authored with Jared Bye, “Passion! Eight Steps to Find Yours.”

Kaitlyn Bergh, a Minnesota State University Moorhead student said she admired Lindquist’s drives to do what he wants.

“Why follow societal standards if they don’t make you happy?” she said.

Lindquist added that real world experience is key in life, no matter where one is from.

“You don’t have to be from L.A. or Miami to make it big,” he said. “You just need to want it and go for it and you will get it.”

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