Mother Nature Says Go Outside

Finally, in the third week of April, Mother Nature is going to give us a nice weekend. However, the Bison baseball team won’t be at home due to their series with Western Illinois shifted to Omaha.

Despite that, it is finally time to get outside and enjoy the weather. With the weekend temperatures in the 50s and (fingers crossed) 60s, there is plenty to do to get fresh air.

Wiffle ball

My personal favorite for this time of year. Getting a bunch of friends together and taking some cuts is always a good time.

It gets even better when throwing dirty curve balls and making those “friends” look silly.

But in Fargo, there are two ways to play wiffle ball. Like all things here, the wind always plays its part.

Hitting with the wind will bring a lot of dingers and a high scoring game. Hitting into the wind changes the complexion of the game into a pitchers’ duel. This is my personal preference, as every run gets celebrated more. Shorten up the base paths to help catalyze scoring.


There is never a bad time to play a game of football. Even in the snow, a game of football is fun, if a little wet and cold.

But outside on a nice spring day, it’s something else. The dead grass makes for a slick playing surface and can lead to a more technical game. Or it turns into a game of long balls since receivers can’t cut.

Either way, on a bright sunny day, a good game of touch football is a good time.

If you don’t want to play, Friday is also the NDSU Spring Game. Festivities start 4 p.m. with the tailgate expo. The game starts at 6:30 p.m., but the National Championship Ring Ceremony starts at 6:15 p.m. at the Fargodome.

Go for a run

Running outdoors in the cold is not that much fun. Running in the outdoors when it is cold and windy is even less so. At least the cold is gone this weekend.

There are plenty of health-related reasons why you should go for a run, but let’s not get into those. Instead, finding a nice path for a calm run is a good way to distract from the stresses as finals week approaches.

Fargo has plenty of trails to run on, so there are lots of places to discover.

Go for a bike ride

Like a run, a bike ride can be very relaxing. For those that want to go a bit faster than a running pace (or use less energy), two wheels work well.

Take into consideration that the bike share is up and cruising around town is easy. With multiple racks around Fargo, the service allows for ample time to explore.

And if you are still playing “Pokemon Go”, cruising at 6.5 miles per hour is the fastest way to hatch eggs.

Open up the sunroof on I-29

For those hoping to catch some Bison athletics action, a journey south awaits. Bison baseball takes on Western Illinois for a three-game series in Omaha this weekend.

A slightly shorter jaunt down I-29 from Fargo lands you in Vermillion. There, NDSU softball takes n South Dakota with a doubleheader Saturday and a third game Sunday.

Play ‘Fortnite’

Hey, I tried to get you outside. But isn’t this what all the cool kids are doing now? I have no clue. I’m out of the loop on this stuff.

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