Moreland Excels In Junior Season With Bison

FILE PHOTO | THE SPECTRUM Bison junior infielder Logan Moreland leads the top-seeded NDSU squad with a .452 hitting percentage this season.
Bison junior infielder Logan Moreland leads the top-seeded NDSU squad with a .452 hitting percentage this season.

North Dakota State infielder Logan Moreland knew she like NDSU’s campus and the Bison softball program as soon as she made her visit.

But she does have some trouble recalling it.

“Oh my gosh, that’s three years ago,” Moreland said with a smile. “I have to think back for a second.”

The Woodland, Calif., native came to North Dakota with Bison catcher Alyssa Reina who was playing on the same travel team as Moreland. Though Moreland said it was nice to know someone looking at committing to NDSU, she didn’t want it to be a major factor.

So what made her to come here?

“Well, it wasn’t the weather obviously,” Moreland said with another smile. “It was the family thing. The coaches were great and just having a team when everyone is going through the same thing, it’s nice to have.”

Moreland made the right choice. In her sophomore year, Moreland was named to the 2014 Summit League All-Tournament team when NDSU came out as conference champions last year.

This year, the Bison (37-9, 13-2 Summit League) are in control of the conference and are in good position to go into the postseason tournament with the No. 1 seed.

Moreland is the offensive leader for the powerhouse team. She ranks second in the Summit League for hitting percentage with a .452 hitting percentage and she has the fourth-most stolen bases in the conference this season.

“It’s going pretty well. We’re doing pretty well as a team,” Moreland said. “We’re putting together a lot of good wins and when we’re not getting the win; we’re learning a lot from each game.”

The junior has a career hitting average of .366 and an on-base percentage of .427. She’s accumulated 76 RBI, 13 home runs and 165 hits.

This year, Moreland has a .488 on-base percentage, 70 hits, 33 RBI, .626 slugging percentage, five home runs and 49 runs scored.

The only other player on the Bison roster with comparable stats is senior Amanda Grable, who has a .420 hitting percentage, .494 on-base percentage and 42 RBI.

Co-head coach Darren Mueller said having those two near the top of the lineup are pivotal for the Bison’s success.

“That’s huge, because you get a couple of the people you know who are going to get on base,” Mueller said. “Their on-base percentages are outrageous. So if we can get Alyssa to hit behind them, as long as we’ve got people behind them in the lineup who are going to drive them home, it’s great. It’s nice to have.”

Mueller has been a major part of her hitting success, Moreland said.

One of the most important parts to the hitter’s approach to the plate has nothing to do with her physical performance. Mueller has been adamant with Moreland to make sure to keep things simple by focusing on the ball as it’s being pitched and not the pitcher’s technique or approach.

“Darren talks a lot about just seeing the ball,” Moreland said. “He’s really worked well with us to simplify everything and making sure we’re not thinking too much when we’re up to bat. So that’s helped out a lot.”

So Moreland might not be able to recall her recruiting experience. But through her relationships with her coaches and her teammates, she will have many memories to look back on, including ones of winning.

“They had the really big family thing going for them. When we came on our visit, we all hung out as a team and they just seemed so close,” Moreland said of her recruiting experience. “When it was here, it was a big family, which being so far from home, it was nice to have.”

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