Moose Blood Cross Pond to ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’

BILLBOARD | Photo Courtesy

Supporting their latest album “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore,” Canterbury pop punk band Moose Blood brought their tour to The Garage in Burnsville, Minnesota Thursday, April 12.

“I’m just getting over a bout of laryngitis so I can’t sing for s— but I’m here,” lead singer Eddy Brewerton warned the crowd from the start. Trying to sing was obviously difficult for Brewerton as he grasped his throat painfully while trying to hit some of the higher notes throughout the set. Despite this, the concert was by all accounts a success with a lively crowd full of stage divers.

With play time largely given to songs from previous albums, including deep cuts, the audience had no problem singing along. As a matter of fact, the Burnsville crowd proved so supportive when Brewerton’s voice cut out that the artist thanked everyone for their help. “You know, we are a long way from home and we can’t begin to tell you how much we miss it,” Brewerton told the crowd. “But coming and seeing all of you here singing along to our songs makes it better. You’re lovely.”

Whether it was because of time or illness, the band didn’t play an encore. While the audience was ready and eager for more, they quickly relented and instead turned their attention to the merch stand before leaving the venue.

One can only hope the band returns on a future tour free of illness to their eager Midwestern fans. Only time will tell.

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