Modding tools offer exciting future for ‘Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare’

The sky is the limit

KK GAME STUDIO | Photo Courtesy
KK Game Studio’s first completed mod includes anime girls in a pink Chernihiv.

Modding support is live for “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare” and the first big mod involves anime girls wielding large colorful guns and semi-revealing apparel.

After being hinted at in December 2019 and officially being released in January, the modding tools for “Freeman Guerrilla Warfare” are now live. The community can now start creating and adding whatever they want to the game.

What can be made with the new modding tools is up to the imagination. A mod that adds a pistol that shoots live grenades, adds characters from Star Wars or is as extravagant as finding the game files containing vehicles and bringing trucks and tanks back into the fight, are all possible now.

The first completed mod, as mentioned, is an anime mod that transforms the entire island of Cherniv into a pink, war-torn land of Japanese inspired art, with legions of scantily clad anime girls roaming the map.

This mod changes the graphics, guns and look of the world, and was created by Tina and Melamori, the development team for KK Game Studio. The Anime Mod was made by the studio to show off what can be accomplished with the new modding tools and how they can be implemented within the game world.

Since the release of these new tools, there have been many requests for mods to enhance and change the gameplay. Unfortunately, this has not been met with a similar amount of promises or completions of those requests.

However, on the Steam Workshop page for “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare,” there are currently eight mods that change the vanilla game into something different. Even with setbacks, there is a lot of determination in the community to create something new.

“So… my 1 terabyte SSD (solid-state drive) decided to just kill itself! Making me lose a large chunk of my files and all of the mod files” says Atomos, a mod developer. “Not a huge deal, but still quite the pain in the butt. I’ll just have to start over.”

Since the modding tools have only been out for a short time, it is exciting to see how quickly fans of the game have started to change it. As for the quality and the variety of mods to be made, it is yet to be seen. Hopes are high that many things are possible with this newest addition to “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare.”

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