Hit Reset: MLK Day Resolutions

Humans make mistakes. I do almost exclusively. New Year’s resolutions are the kind of mistakes you see coming from a mile away. Is it too late to cancel your order for a set of free weights and 20 pounds of whey protein?

Do you currently have one diet day for every six cheat days? Are you trying to convince yourself Facebook counts as “reading more?” Well, my friend, it’s time to hit the reset button. Why wait until next year to make the same resolution? It’s a long enough time for you to forget your harsh life lesson and start once again believing you can accomplish anything. Another obvious mistake. The solution lies in a holiday we just celebrated earlier this week. With a couple revisions, an MLK Day resolution may be just what you need. Here’s what you need to do to make one.

First off, realize where you went wrong. What was your breaking point? For instance, say your resolution was to get a handle on your gambling. Well, being $200 up and trying to bet your car keys anyway was probably not a high point, which was really for the best because you got crushed on the next hand. Speaking of hands, you will get kicked out a casino for trying to bet pinkies. The point here is that you need to know what made you stray away from the path of the righteousness and toward the Hostess cupcakes. You have limits.

Next, you’ll want to make it a little more attainable. If you’re getting off the McDonald’s diet and switching straight to kale for breakfast, lunch, dinner and second dinner then maybe you just start by cutting out sugar. If you’re trying to cut caffeine out of your diet, maybe you just accept that you should just love caffeine and the way it makes you feel like your heart was set to tumble dry. Stick to coffee and maybe start running more so your heart can take the abuse. If you like to gamble a little more than you can afford, learn to manage your money so you can afford to feed your hobbies.

Above all, remember to stay positive. People can sometimes look down on those trying to stand up. They roll their eyes and think, “There’s no way he’ll be working out next week.”

They think you’re going to regret throwing out all your sweets because they are just that sour. They think it’s time for a serious discussion about your gambling problem because they’re your family and they love you. Well, they’re all wrong. All of them. We’re starting over and we’re gonna do it right this time because there’s never a bad time of year for a positive change.

You’re not doing it for them. You’re doing it for you. You’re doing it because it’s a great way to make money. You’re doing it for America.

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