Minnesota to Sell Liquor on Sundays

Both chambers of Minnesota’s state congress have passed legislation to repeal a ban on Sunday liquor sales, and for 99 Bottles in Moorhead the effects will be positive.

“For us in particular, since we are on the border and it will hopefully increase revenue and keep money on the Moorhead side,” Justin Blanford, manager of 99 Bottles, said.

“I think it will overall be positive for Minnesota because it’s another source of taxable sales,” Nolan Miles, a senior studying microbiology, said.

“Changing this law will not have a substantial impact on liquor sales within the state,” Josh Krank, a senior studying microbiology, said. He said adding the bill “only changes the convenience of buying on Sunday’s instead of just stocking up on another day of the week.”

The bill will take effect on July 1, with the first Sunday affected being the next day.

“I don’t think business will really change,” Blanford said. He also said Sunday will not be the busiest day of the week.

“The surrounding states will most likely be impacted due to the rise of competition,” Miles said. “However, the amount that they are impacted will probably be minimal as the businesses that will be affected will only be the ones within a few miles of the state border.”

Sunday liquor sales were banned in Minnesota in 1858. The 159-year ban will end with liquor sales allowed from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

“In the end it will be profitable because just being open an extra day will help to increase revenue,” Blanford said.

North Dakota allows Sunday liquor sales starting at noon.

“I personally like when outdated laws are changed and I think that this a good step forward,” Miles said.

“Any law should be passed that doesn’t lead to the direct harm of others,” Krank said.

Blanford said the repeal is a positive opportunity. He added it is unique to be located in a border city where people can drive five minutes across the North Dakota border to purchase alcohol.

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