Mid-Semester Reviews Offer Students New Possibilities

Student Body Vice President Katie Mastel talking at last Wednesday’s forum.

According to Student Government, mid-semester reviews have found success in the College of Business this semester. For a student-focused university like North Dakota State, this seems like a no-brainer.

Mid-semester reviews offer students an opportunity to bring up concerns about a class before the end of the class. This can help make improvements now this is important for the success of the students as well as improving the instruction here at NDSU.

Currently, for students, this luxury is not available. Most of the time, students have to find a way to deal with unwanted aspects of a professor or instructor. This can lead to nightmares and for some students, having to retake a class.

While this is an extreme example, this is not rare. I have had classes where a professor has completely been lost, which leads to students underperforming.

At Student Government’s open forum on Wednesday, it was stated that they were trying to eventually expand this program, but warned about expectations.

“Expansion is going to be hard.”

Student Body President Mason Wenzel told us at the forum that the goal was to have this available for all students in all colleges, but noted that although it was successful in the college of business, that it is ultimately more work.

For the colleges, it would be doubling the number of reviews they would have to process. It is a lot of information, but for students, this will be a major improvement.

Wenzel cited the College of Engineering as the possible next college they would try this out on. For engineering students, this could be huge.

From my personal experiences, most professors benefit from student feedback. Although there are outliers, this system could help many here at NDSU. More systems that help keep professors teaching the best they can has all of my support.

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