Microsoft Opens New Doors With Windows 10

MICROSOFT.COM | PHOTO COURTESY Microsoft unveils the upcoming Windows 10 operating system.
Microsoft unveils the upcoming Windows 10 operating system.

The “All-In-One” Xbox One has disappointingly been No. 2 behind the PlayStation 4. Things may be changing though.

On Jan. 21, Microsoft showcased its newest software, Windows 10. After Windows 8’s wide public criticism, the newest installment of Microsoft’s operating system has heads turning.

One of the most stunning features is how Windows 10 and the Xbox One now share a special connection. Windows 10 can stream any Xbox One games onto a personal computer. This is one of the first big crossovers announced by Microsoft.

After a shaky release and a slow start in the “console war,” this type of innovation seems to be the kind of thing that will help the Xbox One gain ground on its rival Sony.

I think this is the beginning of seeing what the “all-in-one” system is finally capable of. I can’t deny being impressed by the idea of being able to stream a game from a console to a laptop or tablet.

One aspect that does come up when I think about this is “will it catch on?” The idea is essentially playing Xbox One games on a computer, but PC gamers have been doing that for two decades. It doesn’t exactly seem like a totally unique idea.

I was truly impressed watching the video of the presentation and seeing how seamlessly the game streamed onto the computer from the Xbox One. However, as I reflect on it, I think it was similar to seeing a magic trick; it looks cool and you are impressed, but there is nothing spectacular about it.

Windows 10 does look to be a truly great operating system and is capable of so much. It looks as if Microsoft is finally adopting the platform Apple has been so famous for: product integration.

Windows 10 looks to be the glue that will bring so many Microsoft products together. Cross-play just looks to be one of those features.

Microsoft is no doubt setting for a technologically adventurous path ahead. The introduction of a virtual reality headset, new Xbox One features and others, all powered by Windows 10 look to make for an exciting future.

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