McFergel Prevails in Presidential Race

THE SPECTRUM | WHITNEY STRAMER                                       Eric McDaniel (left) and Josh Fergel (right) will be North Dakota State’s student body president and vice president, respectively.

Delayed 13 hours because of the spring concert, the student body presidential candidates had to wait out a restless Thursday night for the election results Friday.

Shortly after 9 a.m. outside the student government office, Chief Justice Mathew Warsocki announced Eric McDaniel and Josh Fergel won the vote over Robert Kringler and Aaron Weber by a vote of 1067 – 667.

An overwhelmed McDaniel said he felt good in the minutes after the results were announced, though his body was in shock.

“I want to fall over,” the president-elect said. “I can’t feel my legs. … Maybe Josh (Fergel) has some words.”

Vice President-Elect Fergel said McDaniel’s response didn’t surprise him.

“He’s very weak in the knees – I think it’s just because he hasn’t been eating well this week,” he said with a laugh.

The results cap a two-week campaigning marathon by both tickets. McDaniel and Fergel said they personally visited 101 organizations leading up to the vote.

The duo will work on implementing their platform points, ideas that focused on what they called a unification of campus.

“It’s been a lot of hard work for the last year, and I’m just proud that we put in the effort and that we got the results,” Fergel said. “It was a good campaign; it was fun; we kept it pretty clean.

“It’s going to be hard to sit through my next class.”

Kringler and Weber also noted how fun the campaign was.

“It was fun,” Kringler said. “We’re really proud of what we were able to talk about with students.”

The duo’s platform included student fee accountability, enhancing the student experience and student safety, the latter of which perked the ears of the Fargo-Moorhead community.

Kringler and Weber wished to continue the conversation regarding the prohibition of alcohol during Bison football games at the Fargodome and implementing a safe-ride system for students.

“It is what it is,” Weber said of the results. “We wish them all the best.”

The victory for McDaniel and Fergel equates to another year of working with student government.

“I was really nervous, you know; I was stepping down from Chief Justice, so (if we lost) I’d be done with my student government days because (it) would be tough to get back in,” Fergel said shortly after the results announcement.

Then, he seemed to remember something important.

“I should probably tell my parents,” he said looking down at his phone hurriedly. “Oh, they already know.”

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