Make your dorm room cozy

It’s easier than you think

This is an Aloe Vera plant purchased for four dollars at Home Depot.

What’s one of the most exciting things to do when you first move into the dorms, it’s to celebrate the lack of air conditioning? As if! The most exciting thing to do is decorate your dorm room. If you’re clueless when it comes to decorating here are some great ideas on how to utilize and make your space as cozy as possible.

  1. Houseplants

Plant mom is a role I’m sure we would all accept with open arms. Don’t have room for large plants? Don’t sweat it, succulents are the answer! A great place to purchase succulents and cacti for an affordable price is Home Depot. There are numerous varieties to choose from along with different shades. If you are in fact looking for something larger there are Aloe Vera plants calling your name.

  • Photos

Brave that trip to Walmart and print out photos of the moments that make your heart swell. It will bring a piece of home to your space and when glancing at the photo’s remind you to call your parents!

  • String Lights

This is a great way to add some ambiance to your room. That yellow lighting radiating from the ceiling? Uh, no thanks! Light up your room like a Christmas tree (or is it too early for that?)

  • Blankets

Perhaps when the temperature drops in your dorm room, you’ll realize this is a need for making the space inviting to come back too!

Live out your Pinterest dream and style the space how you want it! Remember, you’re not living with your parents anymore!

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