Make-up enthusiast wins New York Fashion Week trip

Hannah Juliot strikes a pose on the runway.

An old high school friend of mine won a contest of a lifetime and I was fortunate enough to connect with her and find out more about her envious experiences. Her experiences highlight a need for us to pursue opportunities we think are impossible.

This requires us to put ourselves out there, even when we think we don’t stand a chance. Small choices can lead us to some of the greatest experiences.

23-year-old Hannah Juliot won a trip to see Christian Siriano’s New York Fashion Week show. She was the sole winner of the contest hosted by Elf Cosmetics. For those who don’t know, NYFW is the biggest week for fashion in the United States.

Designers reveal their latest creations for the upcoming spring and summer collections. Socialites and celebrities receive highly sought after invites and fill the audiences.

Hannah’s small choice was to follow both Christian Siriano’s and Elf Cosmetics’ Instagram pages. She also had to comment #elfheartschristian on Elf’s page.

Hannah was in good company with notable celebrities and models in attendance. Leslie Jones, Vanessa Williams, Danielle Brooks, Patricia Clarkson and model Coco Rocha, to name a few.

Leslie Jones, SNL cast member and comedian, even went viral for her loud and enthusiastic cheers at this event. A quick search on Buzzfeed will bring you right to this moment.

Apart from the fashion show, Hannah hit up Times Square, mingled with beauty influencers and experts, ate delicious meals and had her hair styled before the event.

Traveling alone is something Hannah hadn’t done before, but she says it was a confidence booster. “Knowing I could navigate NYC by myself and interact with all these beauty experts who would normally intimidate me was a huge confidence builder,” said Juliot.

This was a thrilling experience that some would say comes from luck, but I beg to differ. Her winning was due to her keeping a watchful eye on the things that interest her: fashion, makeup, and graphic design.

Although this was a fun event to be a part of, Hannah says it also made her think about the different options she has career-wise. “I have a graphic design degree and am passionate about makeup, it’s cool to see I could potentially combine those into a career,” said Juliot.

She continually looks for ways to promote and enhance her interests and hobbies, saying, “This experience makes me want to put more effort into my Instagram and other social media accounts, knowing that’s what gave me this opportunity. I want to post more about makeup and see if anything could happen with brands reposting my images, or building up a following of my own.”

At the very least, Hannah remembers thinking, “”If I never get to go to another fashion show, that’s okay, because this one is everything I wanted it to be.”

Next time you submit for a contest, job, or internship, remember to put yourself out there because you will never know if you can obtain something unless you try.

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