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Magic mushrooms and the big question

The benefits of this misunderstood drug

These unassuming mushrooms have multiple health benefits.

I am a big believer in a more laissez-faire style of governing when it comes to social regulations. Let the drinking age be 16, legalize all drugs… the list goes on and on. 

Time and time again, the American government has demonized the medicinal use of drugs such as marijuana and MDMA. This piece will focus on a more specific drug from the list; something that has been addressed in national headlines: magic mushrooms.

I’m not going to cite my opulent support for the schedule-one drug but bring forth a view to add perspective and more critical thinking to this essential discussion on humanity itself.

The scientific evidence has been well-documented. It is known that all living organisms derive from fungi. Impressively, there are over 50 thousand types of mushrooms on earth, many having benefits.

There are entomopathogenic fungi, fungi that destroy insects. This fungus can be used as an alternative to dangerous pesticide killers such as Monsanto and Roundup Weedkiller. Shiitake mushrooms can boost your immune system and lower blood cholesterol levels, acting as an anti-aging agent. 

One study found senior citizens who consumed around 150 grams of cooked mushrooms weekly performed better on neuropsychological tests and had a 50 percent reduced risk of cognitive decline.

Fungi itself bring numerous medicinal benefits, from a variety of different species, including organic and entomopathogenic mushrooms.

And of course, there are magic mushrooms. Unquestionably proven to have benefits on neurogenesis and the nervous system, even connecting some spiritually with the earth. A fungus that has been used for hundreds of thousands of years, even in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. 

These magic mushrooms get their psychedelic effects from psilocybin, a naturally occurring drug. 

It has been well-documented that coders in Silicon Valley microdose LSD and magic mushrooms to help them understand the language of coding, hinting that micro-dosing could help humans understand and grasp things more clearly. 

There have been other well-documented benefits as well. Less of a drive to consume caffeine, anxiety and depression decreases and increased creativity.

The stoned-ape hypothesis is a prominent hypothesis relating to the development of the human psyche. Developed by Terrence McKenna, the stoned-ape hypothesis claims that potent psychedelic mushrooms led to the evolution and development of the human brain. There was a profound difference between early Homo sapiens and its immediate predecessor, Homo erectus. 

McKenna’s hypothesis claims that this cognitive leap was due to the consumption of mushrooms.

Currently, magic mushrooms are a schedule-one drug; however, they are arguably the safest drug on the planet. Safer than ibuprofen, a drug that has personally given me a stomach ulcer. 

Magic mushrooms have been decriminalized by the state of Colorado, the Amsterdam of the United States. There are no documented negative effects of magic mushrooms to this day, other than bringing forth potential mental illnesses one already has. 

People have had bad trips, but oftentimes that points to a greater problem within the individual. Obviously mushrooms are not for everyone, this post does not advocate for universal use. But it does advocate for the legalization of magic mushrooms, as they can help millions of people with depression, anxiety and more.

It is now not a question of if mushrooms are good for all of us, but just for the individual pondering the question. Magic mushrooms are a point of discussion that must be welcomed in with open arms and open minds.

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