Love to Hate, Hate to Love: Revived

I had a wonderful spring break, but I’m honestly glad we are back at school because I love the reenergized feeling that I have flowing through my body right now.

But that reenergized feeling that I have may be gone in a few days because of Easter break.

I hate that we come back from a weeklong break and follow it up with a four-day weekend. We can’t control the calendar, I get that, but move spring break ahead or attach it to Easter break.

Speaking about breaks, Love to Hate, Hate to Love has been absent for a while. Sorry.

Honestly, I’m not sorry because if you wanted this column back I would’ve been getting a pile of emails … and I wasn’t. So, whether you like it or not, here we go.

I love that I hate cheering for the higher seeds in the NCAA Tournament. No matter who I picked to win, I’ll always cheer for an upset. I had Michigan State University winning a few of my 11 brackets that I filled out, but you can bet your butt that I was cheering for Middle Tennessee State University on Friday.

And it paid off as MTSU took down the No. 2 seed and heavy favorite to make it to the Final Four. But it’s not just fun to cheer for upsets on the men’s side, and if you didn’t know the NCAA Women’s Tournament was taking place right now, well, now you do.

There have been plenty of higher seeds on the wrong end of the final score, including Summit League Tournament champion South Dakota State. The Jackrabbits defeated the Hurricanes from Miami 74-71 in the first round of the tournament and almost took down Stanford University in the second round but lost 66-65.

I hate that I love North Dakota and the city of Fargo because the weather never cooperates for the spring sporting events. The Bison baseball team has played 18 games this season and the Bison softball team has played 28 games. Both teams have been playing for a little over a month but haven’t seen home plate on North Dakota State’s campus yet.

I realize that the weather in our fair city can change at any given time. Heck, it snowed in Fargo last week. So, I do understand why the Bison baseball and softball team don’t schedule anything before April, but it just is frustrating because there hasn’t been an NDSU athletic event on campus since Feb. 21.

The long wait will be over in no time, when the calendar turns to the next month as both the Bison baseball and softball team will have a string of home games.

So, what does this all mean?

Well, I really I’m getting antsy for Bison baseball and softball. NDSU fans, you just have to what a few more weeks.

And yes, sorry to break it to you but March Madness should be a holiday because it’s more popular than Christmas and Thanksgiving put together. Not saying that’s right but it certainly seems like the truth.

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