Local favorite ‘Bison Turf’ being torn down in favor of Bresciani’s new summerhouse

The move is being hailed as “daring” and “courageous” by the President himself

John Swanson | Photo Courtesy
The landmark has been around as early as 1988.

In an unprecedented move that many feared would ever come, local hotspot and second home to many college students, “The Bison Turf” is seeing its final days this month. The staple of Bison life will be closing at the end of April.

The Bison Turf was established in the Spring of 1988 and has only seen a rise in popularity and fame over the decades. Known for their patio in the summer months, as well as the “Mug Nights” every Wednesday, The Bison Turf was the most “NDSU” themed bar that made Bison fans feel right at home. Now, one Bison fan will most literally be at home.

The most surprising aspect of this situation, however, is who’s behind the destruction of the local landmark: NDSU President Dean Bresciani. The President, known for his effective, yet controversial ideas, has chosen the property of his new summer home.

When questioning Bresciani about the location of his summer home, he was quite candid about why he chose The Bison Turf. “Well, to be frank, I haven’t left campus since the day I came here. This is a big step for me, leaving campus and all. Also, The Turf looks like a lot of fun, so I figured why not tear it down and build there?” said Bresciani.

When asked about the extensive parking lot that many take advantage of outside of The Bison Turf, the President was quick to defend his decision. “Who needs those parking spots anyways? NDSU already has plenty of accessible parking for students that live off-campus” says Bresciani.

While the impending destruction of The Turf may seem like the end of many older college students’ social lives, there are healthy methods to cope with loss.

Bison fans can still enjoy their Wednesday nights by participating in another Mug Night at “Herd and Horns”, located southwest of the (soon to be) former Turf.

For those that attended The Turf for their enjoyable rooftop outdoor patio, locals can still visit the downtown favorite “Cowboy Jack’s”.

While many may be tempted to protest outside of Bresciani’s house against this decision, doing so has proven to be extremely ineffective and pointless in recent months. The best we can do is come together as a Herd, cope with one another, and move on to better days (and even better nights).

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