Lingerie Brought to the Runway Since 1995

On Nov. 28, the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show took place in Shanghai, and it may have been the most memorable yet. The fashion show has come and gone, with multiple lingerie items modeled making viewers drool over the expensive items.

With collaboration with Balmain and models representing more counties than ever before, the fashion show did not disappoint this year.

Every year thousands of girls make it a point to tune into the show, long over the models and fill their heads with fantasies. But they may not know everything about lingerie’s biggest night out.

There are many things about the history of these fashion shows that many viewers do not realize. The first ever Victoria’s Secret fashion show took place back in August 1995 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. The show was not broadcasted on TV and was basically just models walking around in nightgowns. Instead, this first broadcast was actually a webcast that premiered live in 1999.

The first fantasy bra was worn in 1996 and called the “Million Dollar Miracle Bra.” This was the most expensive bra ever worn and set Victoria’s Secret back a whopping $19 million.

During the fashion shows, there is also a strict no phone policy at the show. Guests are given little plastic bags for their phones and are forbidden to take pictures. This rule does not apply to the models and front row guests.

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Victoria’s Secret is one of the more well-known lingerie stores.

To prepare for the show it takes up to five hours of hair and makeup backstage, which includes spray tans, lash extensions and hair extensions. Amazingly, the makeup artists go through 150 tubes of lip-gloss for the entire show.

When watching the fashion show, it appears as though the models are not wearing much, but surprisingly their ensembles are very heavy; we are talking up to 40 pounds.

Back in 2005, a bra was featured that included a 101-carat diamond worn by model Gisele Bündchen. The 2017 show actually featured more models than ever before and was split up into six different sections.

Candice Swanepoel opened the entire show wearing a punk inspired outfit designed by Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing. Model Bella Hadid made her first appearance at the show last year, but this year she received an “in your face” set of wings, which is a pretty big deal when it comes to Victoria’s Secret fashion shows.

In her fifth year of walking the show, Ming Xi took a tumble on the runway. This seems to have become one of the most talked about moments of the entire show. She got back up, put on a smile and finished her walk, which took some major courage.

Lais Ribeiro wore this year’s whopping $2 million “Champagne Night’s Fantasy Bra.” The gold detailing of the bra and her caramel toned skin was a match made in lingerie heaven.

Lastly on model updates, Karlie Kloss made her return to the runway after a three year absence.

When it came to performers, this year’s show did not disappoint. Harry Styles opened the show, performing his new hit singles in a mint-toned suit.

Singer Miguel then seduced the crowd with his smooth moves. Leslie Odom from “Hamilton” and Jane Zhang also performed and added to the overall energy of the show.

A rumor has spread that Katy Perry was on the lineup to perform this year, but was denied entry into China, which has become a widely talked about topic from the show on Tuesday.

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