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Letter to the Editor | Condoms Should be Available for On-Campus Housing

Across the U.S., from Boston University to U.C. Davis, college campuses are providing condoms in vending machines for their students.

In fact, most of these schools allow students to get condoms from several different places on campus. From the Student Health Services to vending machines, to front desks in the residence halls, students have access to condoms.

Currently, at NDSU, students can get free condoms at the Student Health Center and in the Wellness Center in the locker rooms, and this is amazing.

However, not every student knows this, and some students might be uncomfortable going there and asking for condoms. At the Wellness Center, they sometimes run out of condoms and they might not be there when a student needs them. Another great option would be adding condoms to vending machines that are already placed on campus.

Currently, on campus housing has vending machines; by adding condoms to the vending machines in these buildings, condoms become readily available for those that need them. And let’s be honest, college students are having sex and it’s probably happening in dorms and in campus apartments.

Providing condoms in the vending machines makes sense. The Student Health Services have limited hours, and they might be closed when someone really needs a condom. The same goes for the Wellness Center; it’s not open 24 hours. By providing condoms in the vending machines, students will be able to access this service at any time, encouraging students to participate in safe sex. By promoting safe sex, NDSU will be showing it is dedicated to the wellbeing and health of its students.

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