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Letter to the Editor

As we consider Martin Luther King Jr.’s statement of “Life’s most urgent qustion is: What are you doing for others?” The American Red Cross received the answer on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Over 60 NDSU student leaders representing campus orga­nizations, fraternities and sororities dedicated over six hours in service to the Red Cross in Fargo. These future leaders completed significant projects that prepared our Red Cross building and resources for our heavy spring responses. Thank you NDSU student leaders for:

-Thoroughly cleaning and orga­nizing our certified kitchen where we prepare meals to support disaster re­sponses

-Setting up our Disaster Opera­tions Center so that we are ready for any large scale disasters throughout the Red River Valley

-Preparing our Red Cross ware­house to ensure all resources are avail­able for mobilization when deployed

-Organizing our supply room so that we can access needed supplies in short order

-Finalizing our 2014 Rooms for Red Cross from hospitality partners to support clients impacted by disaster.

Your professionalism and endless energy were true gifts to our orga­nization. You inspired us with your servant hearts and helped us fulfill our mission of turning compassion into action by extending care, shelter and hope to those in need.

With a grateful heart,



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