Letter to the Editor | Travel Ban

This past weekend, President Trump issued an executive order that bans individuals from seven specific countries from entering the United States for 90 days, as well as implementing a ban on all refugees for 120 days.

The full ramifications of this ban are not clear; the NDSU Graduate School, as well as many other universities, have advised individuals from the seven named countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia) not to leave the country, as they will not be allowed to return.

This executive order has, at the least, created incredible uncertainty for our international and New American/refugee students, faculty and staff and, at worst, has stoked anxiety and fear: for what the future holds, what kind of plans can be made, and what sort of environment these official actions may create. This uncertainty and fear is real, both for our international students, faculty and staff, but also for those of us who have come to know these individuals as excellent students, valuable colleagues and indispensable staff.

At this point, there are more questions than answers. However, the faculty and staff signing this letter encourage any concerned members of the NDSU community to seek them out for questions. While we can’t provide specific counsel on immigration law, we will be supportive and help direct you to the resources you might need.

NDSU is a welcoming community. To our international and New American students, faculty and staff, know that we value you and are so glad that you are here. NDSU would not be the same without you.


Lisa Arnold, English

Betsy Birmingham, English

Sarah Boonstoppel, Criminal Justice

Kevin Brooks, English

Ann Burnett, Women and Gender Studies

Erin Conwell, Psychology

Stephanie Day, Geosciences

Kristen Fellows, Sociology and Anthropology

Tiffany Fier, Theatre

Gordon Fraser, English

Abby Gold, Public Health

Kara Gravley-Stack, Equity Office

Kendra Greenlee, Biological Sciences

Jessica Jensen, Emergency Management

Don Johnson, History

Jess Jung, Theatre

Paul Kelter, Office of Teaching and Learning

David Kurtti, Sociology

Jamee Larson, English

Bruce Maylath, English

Jill M. D. Motschenbacher, Office of Teaching and Learning

Kjersten Nelson, Political Science

Chelsea Pace, Theatre Arts

Kristine Paranica, NDSU Ombud

Dan Pemstein, Political Science

Casey Peterson, Student Success Program

Larry Peterson, Professor Emeritus, History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies

Carrie Anne Platt, Communication

Amy Rupiper Taggart, English

Wendy Troop, Psychology

Pearl Walker-Swaney, Public Health

Christina Weber, Sociology

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