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Letter to The Editor : Response to ‘Trump Sparks Outrage… Again’

The author of this piece suggests that we should ‘learn to laugh at Trumps rhetoric’ as a solution to all the ‘faux outrage’ that is levied against the President of the United States.

Even if it is granted that Trump’s comments are not motivated by race but was just a tactic to ‘demean’ his political opponent, I find it very dangerous, as the author suggested, to normalize the childish behavior of Trump as a form of entertainment, as political discourse is being reduced to shit-talking competitions. After the Confederacy surrendered the Civil War do you think Lincoln openly called the South a bunch of losers or lofted other insults at them to please his base?

No, he addressed the nation with grace and urged citizens to look past their anger and bitterness to reunite the nation. Isn’t this the type of response that we should demand from the person who holds the most powerful political office in the world? As opposed to someone who needlessly, and generally unprovoked, insults anyone who provides opposition?

How are we supposed to engage in honest political discourse, in an attempt to arrive at critically needed policy changes, when Trump needlessly divides the political bases at every opportunity with incendiary comments? Trump claims to be an outsider, but he uses the same toxic tactics that politicians have used for years and amplified them to an insane measure.

The rhetorical tactics that Trump employs are not normal and could potentially, aside from the outbreak of nuclear war with North Korea, be the most harmful aspect of his Presidency. In any other context turning a blind eye to Trump’s antics would be an appropriate response, but as the acting President of the United States, they should be met with defiance.

Aaron Forde

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