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Letter to the Editor: A critique of the chant article

Although this is an opinion-based article, the facts behind the opinions stated should be correct. Today I would like to challenge a few false facts and let you make a decision about this issue at the football games.

Last year an article was written about this same issue. Before the article was published, the chant was audible. The next game the chant was immensely louder. Since correlation is not causation, I am unable to state that the article caused this, yet other than the article, did anything else spike protest in the students? I would feel ashamed if I had written the article that possibly worsened the issue.

Second, it sounds uneducated and racist to state that all the students partaking in the chant do so out of their own racist beliefs. I will use an example. If I attended a Mustangs football game and chanted Mustangs suck, would you think I a) hate the animal, b) hate the car, or c) have a rivalry with the school since after all I am at the school football game? Using context, option C appears the most credible. This does not make me racist or discriminatory against the Mustangs; it might be considered rude but not racist.

Finally, the Dakota Access Pipeline has nothing to do with a chant that started decades ago. Native Americans are not the only people affected by possible pollution to the Missouri River. It is so incorrect to state otherwise. Numerous cities have been established right next to the river. These people should not be overlooked to get a point across.

Before deciding look at the facts. Yes, the chant is rude. We should respect everyone, but are these students really racist and hateful?

Gracynn Young



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