Let’s Go Crazy (for the Minnesota Wild)


CASEY MCCARTY | THE SPECTRUM “The 35w bridge in Minneapolis was illuminated purple following Prince’s death.

“The Minnesota Wild have now officially changed the team’s goal song to a rendition of the late artist Prince’s song “Let’s Go Crazy,” according to a video posted on the team’s Facebook page.

The idea for this changed first spawned after the death of Prince in April, when the team changed its goal song to “Let’s Go Crazy” in a playoff game against the Dallas Stars to honor the artist and his life.

Fans then started a petition following the game to have the goal song officially changed to “Let’s Go Crazy,” with one fan even creating a version of the goal song online.

As a born and raised Twin Cities dwelling suburbanite, this is a thing that should have happened long ago.

If there is two things generally everyone from Minnesota can identify with and respect, it is Prince and his music, as well as our beloved game of hockey.

For our state’s lone National Hockey League team to change its goal song to honor Prince after his death is a fitting tribute, one that really symbolized what our Twin Cities culture cares about.

Hopefully in the next year, Wild fans will be going crazy over winning the Stanley Cup, but who knows, perhaps they’ll be crying in the purple rain instead.

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