french toast

More Drool, Less Gruel

french toast
French toast a la mode as made in Residence Dining Center.

Waiting in line at the dining centers is tough. It can be even tougher if the food being served is the same mundane-buffet style cook-for-a-thousand-people food that the dining centers seem to feed on a daily basis.

However, there is a solution.

Try your hand at preparing your own food at any of NDSU’s three dining centers. One may start by using one of these three recipes.

French Toast A La Mode

Ingredients: Eggs, milk, bread, cinnamon spice, vanilla extract, ice cream, whipped cream, strawberry toppings.

Take eggs and crack them open into a cup or a bowl, usually with a ratio of two eggs for every three pieces of bread that will be made.

Mix the eggs around until egg mix is generally one whole color.

Add cinnamon spice and vanilla extract to the egg mix and mix in thoroughly.

Lather bread with French toast batter and then place on the flat top stove.

Let bread sit until the bottom side is the desired amount of crispy, then flip and repeat this step.

Once French toast is the desired amount of toasted, place onto a plate.

Add whipped cream or ice cream atop of the French toast.

Add strawberry topping, if desired.


Philly Sandwich

Ingredients: peppers, onions, beef, Swiss cheese, hoagie bun, liquid butter.

Squirt liquid butter down on the flat top stove, place two halves of the hoagie bun down into the butter to toast it.

Place the peppers and onions on the flat top stove, then lather with butter and toss around.

Let heat for 2-3 minutes, tossing peppers and onions around.

Add beef into peppers and onions mix, lightly cover with butter.

Toss beef, peppers and onions mix.

Place Swiss cheese on top of beef, peppers and onions mix, then place a cooking hat atop of this mix.

Squirt water under the cooking hat to steam melt the cheese.

Pull the two halves of the hoagie bun off of the flat top, then put the cheese, beef, peppers and onions mix between the two halves of the hoagie bun.


Turkey Ranch Spinach Wraps

Ingredients: spinach tortilla, cheese, lettuce, ranch dressing, tomatoes, and turkey slices.

Take a tortilla and place it flat on a plate.

Lay down two pieces of the preferred cheese in the middle of the tortilla.

Place shredded lettuce on top of the cheese. It should be a layer just covering the cheese, but not a mound.

Add ranch dressing atop of the shredded lettuce.

Add enough tomato slices to cover the top of the shredded lettuce.

Cover the tomatoes with turkey slices; it usually takes about three.

Roll as a wrap, eat and enjoy.

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