Legacy LPs: NDSU to Capitalize on Vinyl Trend


The NDSU Bookstore is looking to capitalize on the resurgence of vinyl in a unique way.

In an announcement Monday, the campus bookstore revealed the addition of “Legacy LPs” to their vinyl record offerings.

Set for release on Record Store Day April 21, Legacy LPs are made-to-order translucent records containing a small portion of your loved one’s crematory ashes. Available in NDSU green or gold, the custom record memorials will be created in partnership with Boulger Funeral Home.

Funeral director Jim Boulger expressed his enthusiasm about the project stating, “Vinyl records are more popular than ever. We are currently experiencing an important overlap in popular technology between generations that is part of what makes this endeavor so exciting.” Boulger added that they look to expand their offering beyond the NDSU partnership in the near future. “Imagine if you could listen to a collection of your loved one’s favorite songs. With this option, you are experiencing this with them in a very real and tangible way. You are remembering an important part of your loved one while also having a keepsake containing literal pieces of them. The heightened sensory experience is what makes this option so impactful. ”

For those worried future generations may carelessly sell or throw away the LP, you can rest easy. Clear labels on the sleeve and record itself indicate the presence of human remains.

In addition to choice of color, families have two choices for audio. AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” or a compilation of NDSU chants recorded live at the Fargodome.

As part of Monday’s announcement, a variety of available bundles were revealed. The base package includes one Legacy LP, a standard single sleeve and protective plastic cover. For an extra $50 customers get an upgraded “premium sleeve” with President Dean Bresciani and Thundar’s autographs. One of the most intriguing options will cost an additional $150 and will include a personalized eulogy written by President Dean Bresciani himself.

In addition, add-ons such as a record frame with museum quality glass and a shadow box complete with a trifolded NDSU flag are also available.

Rumors are already circulating of reasonable bulk order pricing and a double record option for couples in the near future.

Bring in a copy of this article on Record Store Day to receive 10 percent off your Legacy LP purchase.

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