Last Week in Odd Sports Stories

Sometimes, the news is just too dumb to be fake. Over the past week, there have been a number of sports stories that are borderline unbelievable. Here is a brief overview of the crazy sports stories involving everything from soup, billboards and airplanes.

JR Smith suspended for soup throw

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 108-97 last Thursday. One thing that hindered Cleveland was the absence of guard JR Smith, who was suspended for detrimental conduct.

That detrimental conduct turned out to be for throwing soup at an assistant coach.

There is no word on what kind of soup was thrown, but he returned to the starting lineup Saturday against the Denver Nuggets.

The real Cavs-76ers battle

Three billboards have descended on Cleveland. No, not the Oscar-nominated film, actual billboards in the city. Their message is clear: LeBron James should come play in Philly.

The Chester, Pennsylvania based company Power Home Remodeling took out three billboards in attempt to persuade James to take his talent 400-odd miles west to the City of Brotherly Love.

In response, the Cleveland hotel The Metropolitan at the 9 took out their own billboard. It declared Cleveland “The Land of the King.”

Meanwhile, out west, Lakers fans have still not figured out a way to get the Hollywood sign to read “King James.”

Steph Curry with a reminder he is not playing in the PGA

Parents of children in sports understand the fear of having kids break things while in a hotel during a road trip or weekend tournament.

Usually, this fear lessens as the kids grow and become more mature.

Apparently, former NBA-great Dell Curry needs to still worry.

His son, Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry, posted on Instagram of broken glass in his hotel room, saying in the caption that he was taking practice golf swings in the hotel.

Thankfully, the younger Curry is in the middle of a 5-year, $201 million contract and should be able to pay off the damages.

The best QB in New York plays for the Yankees

Right now, the pair of New York NFL teams have five quarterbacks under contract. The list includes Eli Manning, Davis Webb, Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenberg and Joel Stave.

Meanwhile, in the Bronx, the New York Yankees acquired the services of a top quarterback, Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson.

Wilson’s MLB rights were traded from the Texas Rangers two weeks ago. Wilson took part in spring training with the Yankees for a week before leaving camp to return to his NFL offseason training.

In batting practice, Wilson has hit multiple home runs, including six as last year’s home run champions Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton watched on.

Wilson took to the field on Friday’s game against the Atlanta Braves; he went 0-1 with a strikeout.

Messi’s reigns in the air

Officially, the proposed expansion of the El Prat airport in Barcelona was turned down due to environmental and financial reason.

Unofficially, it is Lionel Messi’s fault.

Or so says the president of the Spanish airline Vueling.

“You cannot pass over where Messi lives,” Javier Sanchez-Prieto said. The proposed expansion would have increased the air traffic over the neighborhood Messi lives in.

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