‘Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders’ Soon to be on Steam

2004 Xbox classic optimized for PC

Kingdom Under Fire | Photo Courtesy

“Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders” by Blueside studio was one of my favorite games on the original Xbox, and I am now tremendously proud to announce it will be getting a new lease on life when it is released in full HD (high definition) to the Steam Store on Feb. 28.

“Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders” originally came out in 2004 and became a cult classic. This heavy metal, fantasy action-strategy game lets players lead large armies from the front lines, giving strategic orders to forces while wading into hack ‘n’ slash action with one of four heroes across four campaigns.

While waging war against your enemies, gold will be earned which can then be used to upgrade your army into a more effective fighting force.

This new version of “Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders,” hosts a variety of new features which will enhance the sword and sorcery gameplay in a way the original Xbox could not.

Optimized for modern computers

There will be full controller support for the players who want to experience this classic with a Steam gamepad (Steams version of a handheld controller). There is also an all-new mouse and keyboard mode with customizable controls.

Along with new ways to play, the game will be in widescreen HD. The new graphics will make battlefields more visible and fit modern computer screens without the sides of the screen being cut out. The epic, heavy metal guitar soundtrack returns and sounds even better with the sights and sounds of war.

Adapt to an ever-changing battlefield

The tactical options are even better than I remember. With tactics such as charging into the enemy with the blinding sun at your back, burning enemies out of forest, using the smoke to hide troops, claiming the high ground and closing or opening the ranks of your troops as artillery (or falling aerial units) rain down on top of them, give “Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders” variety in the way to take care of enemy troops as well as your own.

The environment can and will affect your strategies, however. High winds blow the smoke away and misdirect arrows while rain will drown flames.

Use powerful heroes to strike down the enemy

Using one of four heroes, lead your army to victory as you annihilate any who stand in your way. From a snide dark elf warrior to an unsophisticated knight, blow past your enemies with steel and magic to seize victory.

Each hero has special abilities that can be used in and out of combat to heal friendlies or damage enemies. Along with these abilities are unique fighting styles and combos that prove their worth in each encounter.

Something to look out for are enemy officers in the armies. If they can be killed quickly, the whole unit will disband. The heroes are not alone in the slaughter, however.

Each hero comes with companions who assist in combat with their own awesome weapons and styles, including fantastic finisher moves on unlucky enemy soldiers. The war cannot be won by yourself, so make sure to utilize everything at your command.

The fires of war will forge your troops

As you battle across the 3D map, you’ll see how the campaign has been shaping up for your side. With every victory bringing in gold, spend it on upgrades to customize your troops into more effective fighters.

You can even change their class or unit type to fit your strategic needs and they can eventually use their own powerful spells in battle. From giant monsters to flying airships, the next battle will always be interesting.


I really enjoyed playing this game on the Xbox and am happy to see it coming to Steam. There is no price set for it currently, but hopefully, it will be a modest one.

“Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders” is coming out Feb. 28 with all the spectacle and grandeur a fantasy universe can muster.

Your armies stand ready and await orders, commander.

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