Khalid releases sophomore album ‘Free Spirit’

Khalid is the greatest thing to happen to this world.

On the seventh day, God created Khalid and blessed him with the voice of an angel.

Khalid’s sophomore album, “Free Spirit,” is a combination of ’80s one-hit wonders and true R&B, and this is the general theme throughout the whole album with a few outliers.

Before the album was released, Khalid teased a couple singles, which did a wonderful job at letting us dip our toes into the “Free Spirit” water.

The first thing I noticed about “Free Spirit” when I sat down to listen to it was that it had 17 songs, which was pleasantly surprising.

As soon as I heard the first song on the album, “Intro,” I went searching for tickets. “Free Spirit” is an album to dance to and I wish to experience an entire stadium moving and grooving to the same tunes of the angelic vocals and funky beats.

‘Don’t Pretend’

Of the entire record, it’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite, but “Don’t Pretend” is at the top of my list.

“Don’t Pretend” is a collaboration with fellow R&B artist SAFE.

The beat is undeniably delicious and impossible to keep still to.


“Paradise” brings the funk and shows the true angelic spirit of Khalid’s voice.

Khalid croons away as he sings about being better but falling prey to unhealthy habits.

“I don’t stop the more we pray / All your wrongs from yesterday / Smokin’ Himalayan Haze / Won’t wash all your sins away.”


“Hundred” gave way to the hint at ’80s hits with its psychedelic guitar reminiscent of Guns N’ Roses’ “Paradise City” or “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

The song is darker than the rest of the upbeat album, and Khalid calls out his deadbeat friends who don’t care about him when he needs them most.

The song takes a turn after the bridge and ends in the most beautiful way with monotonous vocals and a heavy beat.


As soon as “Self” started, I thought to myself, “Hell yeah.”

The intro is similar to that of Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” but if “Sicko Mode” had a more laidback, younger sibling.


Wow. This song left me speechless.

There are three ways to listen to a record start to finish to get the full experience:

  1. In the dark with noise-cancelling headphones, where it’s just you and the music.
  2. Live, in the flesh.
  3. Through good, old-fashioned vinyl.

The rise of vinyl records allows us to hear the music in its raw format.

For “Free Spirit,” I chose the first option, and when I was listening to “Heaven,” I had an out-of-body experience.

The music only slightly overshadows the vocals, but not in a bad way.

The song shows the versatility of Khalid’s artistry and vocal range.

From beginning to end, “Free Spirit” is an experience and will be bringing in several accolades once award season comes around again.

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