Just Coming for Homecoming

A common misconception is that the game ends after the second half. NDSU football games end before halftime.

Football at North Dakota State is full of traditions and customs. It’s a surprising amount of ritual for an audience that was drunk by noon. Some people, however, just aren’t into football.

There’s nothing wrong with it, but this week is Homecoming. That means a lot of these people are going to the game whether they like it or not. For their sake, I’ll run you through what you can expect.

First, you have to get in line. Now, if you want to be first, you’re best bet is to camp out front at around 4 a.m..

If that’s too early for you, there are other methods to get up front. The most common will be the “Oh, hey!” as you cut up front to talk to someone. While no one will call you out on it, everyone knows what you’re doing. You’re not sneaky.

I’ve also seen posters work. I saw a guy march his way up to applause because he had a “RIP Harambe” poster. The joke is old now, but at the time it was a fresh wound.

Once you’re in, you find your seat and wait. Just hang out and talk mess about the guy saving 10 seats in the front row.

The game is starting, and I hope you got a chance to rest your legs. If the ball is in play, you’re standing. It might sound like a dumb rule, but half the fun is the energy in the room and you can’t build it sitting.

When the Bison are getting ready to kick off, simply raise your hands and start yelling “Oh.” At the same time, wiggle your fingers to tickle the football gods and earn their favor. When they kick, pull your arms back and go “ooh” to give it that extra umph.

After that, it feels less weird. Just shout along with “First down. Move those chains,” and then probably something racist about hawks. Also, if there’s a foul on the play, you’re obligated to start yelling at the refs. You might want to be nice to them (they are blind after all), but they knew what they were getting into when they took the job.

Now we come to the end of the game. A common misconception is that the game ends after the second half. The game is actually over at halftime when the Bison are up 72-3. Some people will stay out of loyalty, but other people want to do other things with their Saturday. Whatever you’re feeling, that’s the right answer.

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