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Johnny Manziel: Mayhem or Meta?

What were you doing at age 19? Probably going to school, holding a job or just relaxing with friends while grabbing some fast food. Seems pretty typical for the average 19 year old, right?

Not for Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. He was busy winning the presti­gious Heisman trophy as a freshman – the first freshman in history.

Any casual viewer of Sports Center or ESPN has seen the name “Johnny Manziel” in the news more than once. Manziel and the Texas A&M Aggies were setting records last season with their high-scoring offense.

Manziel holds the record for the most yards of any SEC player in history. He ac­tually holds both the first and second place after incredible back-to-back years.

On paper, Johnny Manziel translates to a collegiate talent greater than that of Pey­ton Manning, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. However, despite Manziel holding a list of records so long it could be turned into a nov­el, NFL analyzers are voicing their concerns about him.

Johnny Manziel, like most young guys in college, is living it up. He has become no­torious for, not only his on-the-field perfor­mance, but also his off the field one as well.

Opinions on Manziel’s potential in the National Football League vary as wildly as his party life. Many professional scouts are questioning if he has what it takes to get seri­ous and make the adjustment needed to suc­ceed at the next level.

ESPN analyzer, Ron Jaworski said that he personally would not draft Manziel un­til the third round at least. Yet, ESPN’s draft guru Mel Kiper has had Manziel going in his projections early first round-potentially the first overall pick by the Houston Texans.

If there is one thing Johnny Manziel has proven throughout his tenure with the A&M Aggies, it’s that when in a game he rises to the occasion, takes control and puts up as­tounding numbers.

When draft day comes will there be a team that trusts that Manziel has what it takes to take the helm and captain their team? Can the shadow of his current charac­ter concerns be put to rest with his undeni­ably overwhelming talent?

I would love to see Johnny Manziel do well in the NFL. His play style is explosive and enjoyable to watch. Though, when look­ing at his off-the-field behavior, I can’t help but see many traits similar of former Char­gers first-round pick quarterback Ryan Leaf.

For those who do not understand the comparison, that is my point exactly.

Caleb is a sophomore majoring in Eng­lish.


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