Joe Biden defends son amid comments

Joe Biden on the hot seat

The impeachment inquiry was on the minds of the Democratic party, especially Joe Biden

The fourth Democratic debate was held Oct. 15 featuring the 12 Democratic candidates who came prepared for questions about the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

As Trumps impeachment inquiry was a topic quickly discussed, Joe Biden was bombarded with questions since his family is at the center of the inquiry.

Biden was immediately questioned about him and his son’s role in the Ukraine. The questions came after Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, spoke about his position in the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings.

In the ABC News interview earlier on the debate day, Hunter Biden said, “I did nothing wrong at all. However, was it poor judgment to be in the middle of something that is… a swamp in many ways? Yeah.”

While many saw this interview as bad timing knowing that Joe Biden would get grilled for his sons comments, Biden answered the question by defending his son.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper pressured Biden by asking, “If it’s not OK for a president’s family to be involved in foreign businesses, why was it okay for your son when you were vice president?”

To respond, Biden told the nation, “My son did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong.”

Biden continued by saying, “My son’s statement speaks for itself,” as he then proceeded to shift the focus on Trump stating how important he thinks it is to remove the President from office.

Taylor Spreeman, the president of College Democrats shared her opinions on Joe and Hunter Biden’s foreign affairs during the College Democrats debate watch party.

When asked whether Hunter Biden’s comments will hurt his father’s campaign, Speerman said, “Possibly, people can now look closer at him and see that he is an older politician.”

When asked if Hunter Biden’s comments will hurt the Democratic party as a whole, Spreeman mentioned that other democrats have spoken out against him.

Chloe Whiteside was also at the College Democrats debate watch party and gave her opinion on the Biden’s foreign affairs.

Whiteside doesn’t see Hunter Biden’s comments affecting his fathers presidential campaign and doesn’t think that his comments will affect the Democratic party either.

As for the other candidates, the debate started off with the moderators asking about their thoughts on the impeachment inquiry and whether Trump should be impeached.

Though the candidates had many different opinions on certain policies, they all shared the opinion that Trump needs to be impeached.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was the first to answer addressing the question of why congress rather than voters should decide if Trump is impeached. Warren answered by saying, “Sometimes there are issues bigger than politics, and I think that’s the case with this impeachment inquiry.”

Warren talked about how she called for an impeachment inquiry after the Mueller report which didn’t happen. “And look at what happened as a result. Donald Trump broke the law again this summer, broke it again this fall.”

Senator Kamala Harris used her past prosecutor experience to answer the question by saying, “I know a confession when I see it and he did it in plain sight. He has given us the evidence.”

Senator Bernie Sanders added to the question by assessing Trump as the: “Most corrupt president in the history of this country,” to which Biden agreed.

Whether Trump is impeached comes the question of if he would be removed from office. Both Spreeman and Whiteside don’t see this likely as the two presidents who were impeached in U.S. history remained in the office.

When asked whether the impeachment inquiry is giving the Democratic party more attention, Spreeman explained that it depends on the voter though she feels there are more people paying attention to the 2020 Presidential race now.

Whiteside on the other hand sees the impeachment inquiry taking away the focus on the Democratic party and the Democratic Presidential Candidates.

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