It’s never too early to spread holiday cheer

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If it’s after November 1st, feel free to put up your holiday tree.

Count your blessings and spread cheer to those around you

Is it too early to start spreading holiday cheer? I think not!

I have had conversations with many people about how much they love Christmas and the holiday season, and quite honestly, I love Christmas as well. Being with family, making Christmas treats, watching holiday movies, decorating and driving around to see all the Christmas lights is what makes the holiday special to me. 

Growing up, my mom would always put our tree up early in December. Maybe it was due to the fact that I had younger siblings who liked to stare at the lights on the tree and mess with the ornaments. 

Now, right after our Thanksgiving guests leave, the Christmas tree goes up, as does the smell of holiday goodies. I believe that it is totally okay to put your Christmas tree up, as long as it isn’t before November 1st (we’ve still got Halloween to celebrate before that). I think we all need some cheer in our lives right now, so you might as well put the tree up. 

Even though there is a pandemic going on, there are still some fun things you can do for the holidays. Maybe have a night in, watching movies and eating cookies, sending Christmas cards, going to a drive-through lights show, buy presents and have fun wrapping them as well as just being around family. 

You can also donate to a local food-shelf or Toys 4 Tots program. Do something for a child or someone else this holiday season. 

It is important that we all count our blessings and make sure we tell those who are near and dear to our hearts that we love them. Wear your mask if you are going to be with family, as well as making sure to frequently wash your hands. 

But whatever you do, make sure you spread some holiday cheer to those around you. You never know what someone else is going through during this time. 

Even though this holiday season may look a little different, I hope you find joy in the little things, such as being able to see your family (if you can), petting a dog or maybe smiling at someone as they pass by outside your home.

There are many things to be grateful for this holiday season, even though our world might seem to be falling apart. 

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