Weird​ ways to get involved

Some of the ways students can become involved around campus

North Dakota State is not just a place to earn credits for graduation. It can also be a place to explore hobbies, creative outlets and different avenues to success. The college and community offer many ways to stay busy or distract yourself from school. Here are some interesting ways to get involved.

Plays some games

Paradox Comics-N-Cards in downtown Fargo offers community-based events that give students and the public the chance to play. Wednesday is “D&D” night where the store hosts the famous role play and you can pretend to be whoever you want. They also host “Friday Night Destiny” and a whole lot of Magic the Gathering get-togethers. 

Strange clubs

Are you looking to mix it up and avoid the monotony? You might want to try Yoyo Club, a club dedicated to the twirling children’s toy popular in the ’80s.

“As an organization, we strive to spread the joy of yoyo-ing throughout the school and the community,” according to the club’s website.

The website for the group also said the group is dedicated to teaching yoyo skills and providing “a relaxing environment to ease the stress of school.”

Maybe you need a group to help you get your anger and frustration out? Try safely shooting your friends with paint with the NDSU Paintball Club. The club is “a group of people supporting the growth of paintball as a sport.”

The group also competes in the NCPA Midwest North Division, an organization for collegiate paintballers.

If you’re more into real guns, in a safe way, you could join the Marksmanship Club, an organization that focuses on Olympic style shooting.

“You have a choice between air rifle, air pistol, small-bore (.22) rifle or pistol,” according to the club’s website.


The NDSU Press offers a certificate in publishing for those who love books and the publishing process. This certificate requires three courses, with the last being field experience where students edit and help publish real books.

According to the NDSU Press website, the certificate is not just for those who are interested in working in publishing. “The Certificate in Publishing prepares students for the job market — within the unique framework of the publishing industry — in the top five skills employers seek among college graduates: communication, problem-solving, ability to work in a team, project management and quantitative skills.”

The NDSU Press publishes local pieces independently, including Ph.D. dissertations and independent authors in the region.

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