Inside Look: Agricultural Experiment Station Research Greenhouse Complex

The North Dakota State Agricultural Experiment Station Research Greenhouse Complex, located on the west side of 18th Street North across the street from the Wallman Wellness Center, is home to NDSU crop research.

Julie Hochhalter, the manager of the greenhouse, described the facility as one of the best in the world.

Hochhalter said half of crops in the building are wheat with the other half containing peas, beans, potatoes and more.

The facility has three biosafety levels with the strictest being a shower-in-shower-out facility. Insects that are not found wildly in the area are contained in that zone to study.


The second, less extreme safety level requires a lab coat and is used to study insects that are already here and the third is for non-restrictive greenhouse use.

The basement of the facility has a long-term seed storage room similar in concept to the Svalbard Seed Vault in Norway. Seeds from the room are cataloged and can be used to study or replace any plants, which may incur complications.

Tours were given of the complex as an Ag Week event Tuesday.

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