Inconsistency in Professionalism Exists in the Career World

The 2-Day Ca­reer Fair is one event to be put down in the books for students and even gradu­ates to take part in for an ad­vance in their professional careers. That is, if they are prepared for the resume writing, required poise and the curious questions in­volving them and their aspi­rations as a professional.

As a fellow student look­ing for potential internships and future openings with companies, I certainly took the opportunity to speak with professionals of the area in hopes of making some connections with ac­complished individuals in my field. However, I seemed to have received a bit of culture shock or sense of unbalance. The spectrum of professionalism that I expe­rienced seemed too unset­tling and confusing for me to comprehend.

It isn’t as though I walked into a mess of amateurs who were unskilled, but more so into an environment that was somewhere between the lines of patronizing and hard-edged. I couldn’t find a pattern and struggled to gauge the reactions and atti­tudes of each representative, only making it that much more nerve-racking as a stu­dent.

What is worse, is being this vulnerable and exposing your abilities on a simple sheet of paper clarifies for yourself where you stand as an employee. Walking through each aisle of booths, I found myself at an over­whelmed stage to the point of leaving, only to stop be­fore the exit and come to my senses that I needed to get it together.

While the struggle was not only in myself and my inability to believe in my potential, I strongly be­lieve that the inconsistency of each individual I talked to put these high hopes for this league of professionals on a pedestal only allowing for it to essentially crash and burn. For years, we are taught as students that the career world is solely con­structed of professionals and experts, there is no room for the unwilling.

Yet, we are now in the generation of casual Mon­days, Tuesdays and Wednes­days on top of the expected Friday. We work from home at the comfort of our own computers and files, are our own bosses and throw the dress code out the window. When we are expected to meet and greet the CEOs of the community’s well-known companies and brands, it is no wonder we choke up.

Thankfully, we are en­couraged to take part in situ­ations prior to graduation like career fairs, internships, mock interviews and other opportunities that remind us a professional mindset isn’t so bad or intimidating. If anything, it means in all se­riousness that you are heart­felt and profound in your field.

While professionalism may not seem on the rise, neither is bumbling incom­petence. That is where we find the inconsistency. Find­ing that happy medium is in the basis of your work and personal preference. Not to mention your capability of withholding that type of per­sona and image. Although it seems to be confusing and puzzling, perhaps in the chaos is where the bal­ance is found. It becomes a cycle that seems natural and expected which is where we find the comfort and ease.

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