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Global strike against climate change

Friday, Sept. 20 was the Global Climate Strike. The Inforum reported an estimate of more than 2,500 events worldwide occurred with one in every state. In Fargo, Ben Franklin Middle school students made it clear that they would be participating in the global event. The spokesperson for the Fargo school district, AnnMarie Campbell, claimed there was a plan underway for students to be able to participate in the walkout. She also stated that other schools would follow similar plans if students made it aware to their administrator that they would like to participate in the walkout. West Fargo Public Schools and Moorhead Public Schools both stated they were not aware of any students who were taking part in the walkout. The Red River Valley Democratic Socialists of America, Sunrise Movement North Dakota and Minnesota Youth Climate Strike also organized a gathering at Fargo City Hall from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event mainly focused on raising awareness of the United Nations emergency climate summit that will be held in New York Sept. 23. The movement was inspired by Greta Thunberg who sat in front the Swedish parliament for three weeks to protest lack of attention to climate change.

Meal at the Mission

The New Life Center has a new program on the way to increase awareness for the positive impact they have made to the community. The New Life Center is a nonprofit, Christian organization that is dedicated to helping men and families who are facing homelessness. According to KVRR Local News, every third Thursday of the month will be a Meal at the Mission. This is an opportunity for people to take a tour and learn more about the New Life Center. Rob Swiers, the executive director, believes Meal at the Mission could change how people view what the organization does.

Dough Burgum approves funding for spring floods

According to KVVR local news, there has been flooding damage to homes, public infrastructures, roads and thousands of acres of farmland in 19 counties throughout western, south-central and eastern North Dakota. The North Dakota Emergency Commission, headed by Republican Governor Dough Burgum, approved of $16.6 million in spending on Sept. 19 to handle the damages caused by spring flooding. The funding can be broken down into federal funds and state loans. The federal government approved to assist North Dakota by providing $14.4 million for the cost of the damages. An additional $2.2 million loan from the Bank of North Dakota was added as well.

Fourth new national security adviser

U.S. President Donald Trump named his fourth national security adviser. Robert O’Brien became national security adviser after John Bolt resigned. According to BBC News, President Donald Trump had many disagreements with John Bolt over foreign policy suggestions and on Sept. 10, Trump tweeted that he asked John Bolton to put in his resignation. O’Brien is a trained lawyer who has advised Republicans on foreign policies. He has held other government roles such as being representative to the UN General Assembly and currently heads hostage negotiations at the State Department. As he comes into his new role, O’Brien will be handling immigration policy, tensions with Iran, North Korean nuclear weapons and other pressing issues.

North America sees dip in bird population

A study published in the journal Science has found that North America has lost almost 3 billion birds since 1970. The study looked at bird-monitoring data for more than 500 species in the U.S. and Canada. Findings show North America has lost 1 in 4 birds in the last 50 years. According to U.S. News, scientists warn the decrease in bird population can cause ecological, evolutionary and economic impacts. The study did not investigate the exact causes involved in the decrease of bird populations but suggest multiple factors are involved. Authors of the study have suggested strengthening bird policies, banning harmful pesticides and funding conservation programs to try and restore bird populations.

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