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New technology saves restaurants hundreds

Russel Schell, the owner of RJ Energy Solutions in Fargo, has the goal to save businesses and homeowners money on their utilities. With help from Project Phoenix, Schell and his team have created an RJ Predictive Diagnosis app that has already been used in various KFCs in Fargo, Detroit Lakes and Elk River in Minnesota. The technology monitors the temperature of walk-in freezers of these restaurants along with how much energy is being used. Schell’s technology can see if there is going to be a breakdown due to how much amperage is being used which helps solve problems before they happen. According to the Inforum, Schell’s app has saved the KFC on 25th Street around $400 in one month. Schell is set to present his app on Nov. 6 at One Million Cups

Keystone pipeline oil spill

Business Insider has reported a recent oil spill along the Keystone pipeline near Edinburgh, North Dakota on Oct. 29. The pipeline, which is owned by TC Energy, is reported to have spilled 383,000 gallons (9,000 barrels) of oil. North Dakota Regulators said that drinking water supplies haven’t been affected by the spill. In 2017, the pipeline spilled 200,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota. The location of the pipeline has sparked controversy for years as activists have united with indigenous people whose lands are affected by the pipeline. Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Presidential Candidate tweeted, “As president, I will shut down the Keystone Pipeline that should never have been built in the first place.”

When National Sandwich Day is on Sunday

Sunday, Nov. 3 was National Sandwich day leading to many restaurant specials, but Chick-fil-A couldn’t join in. According to the Washington Post, the restaurant chain known for its beef free menu sent out an email to loyalty members claiming they could get their favorite sandwich. The only problem was that National Sandwich day fell on Sunday. Chick-fil-A had to send out an apology email to its loyalty members claiming they didn’t check the calendar saying, “Well…. this is awkward.” The rivalry of Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, later tweeted, “Seriously… y’all good?”

O’Rourke drops out of the race

On Nov. 1, former Texas Congressman, Beto O’Rourke, announced that he will be dropping out of the presidential race saying his campaign won’t be able to move forward successfully. O’Rourke’s campaign has been struggling for a while as he has had staffing issues and his fundraising suffered over the summer according to MSN News as O’Rourke was bringing in less money than the other candidates. Though this comes as a shock to his supporters, O’Rourke said he will continue to support the Democratic Presidential Candidates as the next debate is scheduled for Nov. 20.

Missing boulder reappears

A missing one-ton boulder which was suspected to have been stolen reappeared at Arizona’s national forest. The boulder known as the “Wizard Rock” was reported missing two weeks ago when it wasn’t in its familiar location along State Route 89. The New York Post reported that the rock, which has white quartz running throughout it, gained nationwide media attention after its disappearance. Now that the boulder is back, Forest managers are thinking of moving it to another location where more people can view it.

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