Impending Student Affairs Slashing ‘Really Unfortunate’

Alex Stangel abandoned his five years of preparation to become a doctor in order to do what North Dakota State Vice President for Student Affairs Timothy Alvarez does.

Stangel, who represents the college of agriculture, food systems and natural resources in student senate, said Alvarez is “single handedly” the reason for his decision.

Now following the announcement of a massive cut and restructuring to the entire Division of Student Affairs, Stangel said he is furious.

“I think it’s really unfortunate,” Kathryn Gordon, faculty senate president, said. “I am really sad to see Dr. Alvarez go, I think he’s just an absolutely wonderful vice president of student affairs.”

On Twitter Stangel posed the question, “Can you really claim to be a ‘Student Focused’ University after cutting the entirety of the Student Affairs Department? #IDontThinkSo”

“I know we are land grant school. I know we are a research university. But I think the university is going to have to figure out something else to say besides “Student Focused,” because I’m not buying it anymore,” Stangel said over Facebook.

“He cares a lot about NDSU, he’s very passionate and supportive about it so I think it’s a huge loss for us to not have him at NDSU anymore,” Gordon said.

“He’s been a mentor to me, a mentor to so many other students,” Spencer Moir, NDSU student body president said. Moir added it is “definitely going to hurt” to lose Alvarez.

“The impact they’ve had on students for so many years is ridiculous,” Moir said.  “I hope it’s the right decision, and I think that the president and his administrators made the right decision.”

“It’s not going to help us, but it is making the best out of a difficult situation.”

Gordon said NDSU will do its best under the given circumstances to minimize impact against students.

Jim Osland, staff senate president, and Rian Nostrum, residence life director, were unable to comment at press time.

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