I Can’t Stand to Stand at Football Games


With the playoffs approaching for the NDSU Bison, I am sure that a lot of excitement is coming for a lot of people on campus this week. After all, the home team dominated almost everybody in the regular season and may potentially be headed to Frisco again, so the excitement is justified.

One thing that has come to mind for me recently leading up to the playoffs is why the entire student section has the need to stand for the entire game, especially when the rest of the Fargodome is sitting.

I get that we have Yell Leaders who are tasked with maintaining enthusiasm for the student section, but for those students who feel more comfortable enjoying the game while sitting, like myself, that is nearly impossible. Everyone is blocking my view, while the rest of the Fargodome can enjoy the game just fine while sitting in other sections, why can’t I?

It’s something that has been on my mind for some time having been to a number of football games at the Fargodome. I’m going to guess that if it’s come to my mind, then it may be on another student’s mind as well. I’m not trying to be critical or anything; I just don’t see the need to stand for two to three hours straight when everybody outside the student section is sitting. The only people I see doing that are the coaching staff of both teams.

It’s like being at a movie theater. Do you stand in the theater for the entire Star Wars movie because everybody just loves Star Wars and cheer when they blow up the Death Star? Why bother with chairs? The chairs are nothing but props. While we’re at it, how about at every bar or restaurant we get rid of all the tables and chairs and just stand and look at the TV screens.

I know that’s a bit far-fetched and exaggerated, but one could see the point. I simply never understood why the student section needs to stand for the entire game, just like I don’t see a need for the “Sioux suck s***” chants. I get that it may be directed at UND and not necessarily the tribe, but other than the NDSU vs UND game in 2015; they haven’t played football against each other in nearly 15 years.

They don’t even go by the name “Sioux” anymore, so I think the people doing the chanting should do everybody a favor and shut up. I’m not a UND guy, but I’ve been tempted to respond to the chants with “You do too” and far worse. I know there’s an ongoing debate going on in The Spectrum about the chants, but that’s my take on the chants at this moment in time.

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