Huzzah for the Hoagie Hut

With the deepest possible respect, I offer up my thanks to the sandwich artists at the Hoagie Hut. Their efforts have kept me going for years.

Dear Hoagie Hutters: Thank you.

RIO BERGH | THE SPECTRUM | Sandwich artists at the Hoagie Hut work in concert as a smoothly oiled machine.

If I’m completely honest, I’m writing this in the hopes of getting a free sandwich out of the deal. Other than that, my motives are completely pure. After all, I have the deepest respect for the champions who know my order as soon as I descend the steps to the food court. You’re the ones for me.

The Hoagie Hut has something special going on. To find out why their sandwiches are so darn satisfying, I spoke with Garrett Flint, a fifth-year student in electrical engineering, fourth year veteran of dining services and a sandwich artiste extraordinaire who has been honing his technique for years.

“Honestly, the sandwich is one thing, but what it really takes is good listening,” Flint said, expertly slicing a loaf of rye bread (he didn’t even have to ask me. Maybe I’m getting too predictable). But listening to sandwich requests isn’t the only skill cultivated through years of experience

“I hate to be cliché,” Flint noted, before going on to spout his cliché, “but it takes love. And personality. If you get to chat with the customer and they have a good experience, the sandwich will just taste that much better.”

Flint’s answer surprised me. I always assumed it was something secret in the hummus, but Flint gave me the run-around. I would’ve grilled him more about the hummus, but he was too nice.

According to Flint and Renee Metzger, a new staff member at the Hoagie Hut, one of the main bonuses to working in dining centers is “the people,” Metzger said without hesitation, “and working with the students.”

I’m not shocked about that, especially since they get to see my smiling face so often. I get the niggling feeling in the back of my brain that me being a paying customer might be a factor. But I’m willing to suspend that doubt and assume they love me.

And so, dear Hoagie Hutters, even though you didn’t tell me all your secrets, I forgive you. Because I love you too. And I’ll keep coming back.

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