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How to Save Money in College

With thousands of dollars recently disap­pearing through tuition, housing and text­books for the new semester, many NDSU students are feeling the bind of empty pock­ets. Fortunately, there are actions that can be taken to save and even make money as a full-time college student.

Manage the remaining money

Take inventory of whatever funds are left over after the new semester purge, and keep on top of those balances to prevent overdraft fees or exceeded credit card limits. Make a budget of planned income and necessary ex­penses, and determine how much money is left over to freely spend or save.

Most importantly, stay out of non-aca­demic debt, and pay every bill on time or even early if possible.

Get a job

No matter if it is a full-time or part-time job, any income is helpful to a broke col­lege student. Look in the classified section or visit NDSU’s part-time student jobs list to find some work. Ask around and see if any research positions are open in different fields of study.

Biolife Plasma Services offers up to $250 in just four donations to new donors or previous donors who have not donated in two months or more.

Take advantage of campus activities

NDSU offers many different events and activities for their students to enjoy for a very small fee or completely free of charge. The Memorial Union Rec Center offers bowling for $5/hour/lane and billiards tables for $2/hour/table with its weekend-madness special on Saturdays and Sundays.

Campus Attractions also offers many different events free of charge for NDSU students. For instance, Club NDSU and the free showings of popular, recently released movies on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. The organization also hosts events and speakers, such as “America’s Financial Educator,” Peter Bielagus, who will be at NDSU to help students dramatically im­prove their financial knowledge from 7-8 p.m on Feb. 11 in the Memorial Union Great Room.

Another great option of entertainment on campus is NDSU Athletics, which is gratis to all NDSU students. Division I men’s and women’s basketball games are almost every Thursday and Saturday at the BSA, along with a few track and field meets at the Shelly Ellig Indoor Track and Field Facility.

Make smart decisions

Getting in the habit of making smart choices now with not only money, but any­thing in life will set up a path toward suc­cess in the future. The Rolling Stones said it perfectly when they sang, “You can’t always get what you want.” Instead, decide what is needed or if there are monetary funds avail­able to splurge.

Utilizing some of the free resources NDSU has to offer and making wise deci­sions with money will not make everyone rich, but it has the potential to make college and day-to-day living a little easier finan­cially.


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