How to plan your next vacation | Step one

Tips on how to pick the best flights and save money

Winter break is approaching and many college students may be wanting to take a trip to get away and recharge for the coming spring semester. If it’s just a weekend camping trip or a flight across the country, numerous students can say they’ve been on a “family vacation.” But, when a college student faces the independence of being on their own one question that may arise is, how do I actually plan a trip?

The first step to any vacation is figuring out transportation. In this case, I assume that the student is wanting to fly somewhere warmer (I mean who doesn’t at this time of year). Depending on how spontaneous you strive to be for winter break you may be up to suggestions of different places to go this winter or you may have a specific destination. Either way, using Google Flights is your best bet for booking a great flight. Google Flights works by having their software search all airline and travel agencies’ websites to figure out the best deals. The software then orders the flights chronologically by the best price and/or duration time.

If you’re not sure where or when you want to go on vacation this winter break, Google Flights has an option to search for a multitude of days and places. This can be done by first searching “Google Flights,” and on the search menu where you would click the calendar icon and input the date range of when you would depart and arrive, there’s an option after searching once to select “flexible dates” from there, you can pick the month and duration of the time you want to be away. It will search for a specific place or anywhere you have that’s in view on the screen.

If picking a specific place the same thing can be done but will only bring up results of that country or airport. Pay attention to baggage costs for each airline, that is something that’s not factored in with the price that pops up for the list of results.

Have fun flying.

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