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Be Herd in Student Government

At the beginning of each semester, North Dakota State student government typically sees between three and 10 openings in student senate. This semester, there are seven total openings in the following districts: College of Engineering, Graduate Studies, Residence Halls, College of Human Development and Education and Off Campus Living.

Student Body President Sarah Russell said student government connects students who are interested in serving the school with other students, staff, faculty and administrators who want to successfully move NDSU forward.

“It’s a terrific organization to join if you’d like to make your voice heard, advocate for others and effectively create change on campus,” Russell said.

Jacee Engels, member of student senate, described student government as one of the best opportunities for personal growth.

“Getting involved played an integral role in making my collegiate experience a very positive one, especially as an incoming freshman,” Engels said. “I can confidently say that taking the bold step to apply early on is one of the best decisions I have made.”

Student government at NDSU is comprised into three branches: the executive, legislative and judicial branches according to the student government webpage.

The executive branch is made up of the student body president, vice president and includes the executive team.

The legislative branch is made up of the student senate, composed of 33 student senators who represent various residential and academic districts on campus, including both undergraduate and graduate students.

The student court makes up the judicial branch of NDSU student government.

Tanner Langley, a member of student senate, said student government is the group to join if you want to get involved and help make NDSU a better place. Langley expresses that his decision to join his freshman year was one of his best.

“You become surrounded by some truly inspiring individuals who will want to make you help make a difference and help better you as a person,” Langley said. “The people and friends you make along the way are there with you for life, and all of the experiences you will have will stay with you for years to come.”

The application process closes at 11:59 p.m. Tuesday. For more information, go to

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