Have Fun in Hell

“Agony” comes out tomorrow, which luckily enough is a Friday.

Imagine a place so twisted and awful it makes any horror game and scenario look like a fun little walk through the park. I know that in past articles reviewing or announcing horror games I have said they take place in literal Hell. Well, after finding “Agony,” developed by Madmind Studio and published by PlayWay, I can say that I lied to you. This game takes place in literal, absolute, no questioning it, Hell.

This uncomfortably well-looking game will be coming out tomorrow Friday, March 30, and it looks super gross and terrifying. From the many bodies of sinners being used as decorations on the walls, lakes of blood and creatures of Hell wandering about, there is something for everyone at your next family game night.

From what I know so far, “Agony” is a first-person survival game and the story revolves around escaping Hell, but I do not know much else, although I feel this is a tactic being used by the developers to keep their game a secret as long as possible.

What I have seen and know is that you are a tortured soul unable to die in the pits of Hell. There are many videos on YouTube that show bloody corridors of broken bones, teeth, guts and other tortured souls who all want the pain to stop. Hence the name “Agony.”

Whoever did the sound design and music for the game should get some sort of award because of the way the ground crunches as your footsteps tread over the broken bits of bone-strewn all over. Another thing I liked is the way wind and sounds from creatures seem to travel through the passageways, causing your hair to stand on edge.

Graphically the game is horrifically well done. You have probably been able to grasp that as I have described a few of the dreadful things found in the game. Particularly the gruesome spectacle of the environment. There is a part in one of the videos I have watched where a demon lady (not sure of the actual name) finds a tortured soul crawling somewhere and she turns him over, crushes his head and then proceeds to rip out his guts and eat them in brutal clarity thanks to today’s technology and graphics. Oh boy.

“Agony,” based purely on the last video that came out Feb. 22, it still seemed to be an early version of itself. What I mean is the game looked like it still needed some more polishing and work done to it, but it has had a little over a month to fix whatever it needed to. The people at PlayWay are releasing “Agony” tomorrow, so I can only hope that they are comfortable with the final product they will be giving the public.

For all who wish to experience pure evil and torture this weekend, you can find “Agony” on the Steam Store page. Have a good time in Hell.

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